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Welcome to FredricaDawn Designs!!

Meet Fredrica & Amanda!

Fredrica and Amanda Beauty (FAB)

Two women

each with a God given passion & vision

brought together by the Grace of God

We met through Social Media, because of our passion for entreprenuership.  We live almost as far apart as 2 people in the contiguous US possibly can and yet couldn't be closer in Vision & heart.
ALL Women ARE beautiful - created by God in His image;
our struggle is that we don't always see ourselves as so.
We (FAB) don't see cosmetics as a $ sign, nor as a 'cover'... Ingredients need to accomplish goals of nourishing, pro-aging, rejuvenating NATURALLY
& become part of the solution of you embracing your holistic beauty.
YOU are already beautiful - and YOU are meant to SHINE from the inside out.
When you are FREE of beauty inhibition... then you WILL fulfill your Dreams, Visions & God given Purpose!!
It is our desire, hope & passion that SimplyFAB will feel like a trusted best friend;
reminding you daily of how amazing you truly are
Inspiring you to dig deep & reach for your stars.
We are committed
to Toxin-free beauty &
being as Sustainable as possible in all that we provide for you.
We formulate/ create, package & ship ourselves.  We do NOT hire a company to make our products & slap our label on.  
There are a few items that are curated in order to support another artisan, such as our Masque bowls or makeup brushes.  But the rest?
All God given inspo for you! 
We invite you in & look forward to running along side you as you Shine!

A little more about us....

First & foremost … We love Jesus, Father God, the Holy Spirit & the Word of God.  Without these we would have no purpose, no reason to live… Life really does begin with these as a foundation ~ we are grateful thankful blessed to have this truth.
If you do not have the same faith as we do, we do not judge as we hope you will not judge us… we offer the handshake of friendship & love & hope in some way we can be of encouragement to you.

Shipping will resume Oct 14th. Enjoy your FREEBIE Trio as a gift for your understanding! xoxo


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