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How to choose the {Best} Skincare

The SimplyFAB Art of Skincare… Part 1

Caring for, appreciating & nurturing your skin has a bounty of benefits that are far more than skin deep.

 It’s true…

for skincare to have long lasting benefits;

for you to achieve your goals;

it takes a (some) time & commitment…

The great news is that the results of your efforts are cumulative! Your efforts in using the correct products, consistently, will reward you with effective momentum in the results you wish to achieve.

There are a lot of choices ‘out there’ (sooo so many) you can make in choosing your skincare. There are a couple of key things to take seriously:

Ingredients… don’t bypass this! This IS the most important thing to be aware of … after all, you absorb every single ingredient applied to your skin -> directly into your body tissues!
    • Foremost is the quality & purity of the ingredients;
    • Next is the sourcing (the way the ingredient has been obtained).
    Marketing… ‘they’ want your dollar and they will do A.n.y.t.h.i.n.g to get it. Attractive Packaging, key words, crazy promises… you name it. Slap a label on tap water & tell you it’s the fountain of youth.  It’s been done multiple times. Skin care products, nor ingredients there of, are regulated in the U.S. Which in this case is a minefield for you!
    Packaging… you can have the best ingredients in a product while the efficacy & quality of those ingredients can tank in the worst packaging of that product. Many plastics & clear glass are essentially degrading the quality of their contents almost immediately.
    Price… can be deceptive. In so many products you are paying for water and/or fillers plus cheap degradable packaging. They may seem inexpensive, but in the end they have cost you so much. High price doesn’t always mean quality either… you may be paying for a name alone. Often the best products seem on the higher end of the price scale, but are truly concentrated & of great value.

      Our SimplyFAB skin care philosophy has some key points to our formulating…

      • High quality toxin free & Organic ingredients
      • Ingredients that do not climb above a 2 on the EWG.
      • Ethically Sourced ingredients
      • Cruelty Free ingredients.
      • Sustainable packaging that enhances the contents.
      • Fresh small batch creation
      • Products full of a spectrum of benefits that are concentrated & achieve many purposes. (Versus multiple packaging of many steps)
      • Something we want & love to use ourselves.
      • We create/formulate and package every product.
      • Source AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE that meets above criteria in the USA 🇺🇸 

      XOXO F&A

      (written by Fredrica)

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        Sheryl Hoyle

        This is great information! Do your homework..just because they say they great ingredients check them out!! Research..Research…Research!
        Thank you for all that you do!! I blessed!
        Sheryl Hoyle

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