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Our hope & Generosity

Each month as a theme, Amanda & I hope to share a Bible verse that has inspired, encouraged or strengthened us in hope that it will do the same for you.

We encourage you to not just read the verse quickly, but to pause in quiet & consider what God may have to share with you through the verse.  A great way to dig in is to use & choose different translations to explore meaning.

One of my favorite translations is the Passion Translation, on Biblegateway it has excellent study notes attached to it (you click the little letters in the passages to learn more).

Prov 11:25 TPT

Those who live to bless others
    will have blessings heaped upon them,
    and the one who pours out his life to pour out blessings
    will be saturated with favor

Also, if you wish to understand more about what the book of Proverbs was written for... Read Proverbs 1.  

As I study.... To me Generosity is an act of faith & Love & is expressed perfectly through God's gift of Jesus - which inspires me endlessly.

Please feel free to share any encouraging thoughts below.

Blessings! xoxo F&A

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Bless you for sharing this. What a wonderful way to touch many with inspiration, meditation and hope through the word of God and giving so generously of your time and love. “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” Esphesians 5:20

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